Our current film, "The 1959 Burst", is the first ever documentary about the legendary 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar. Nicknamed ‘Burst’ by musicians, no other electric guitar has had a greater influence on the musicians who played it and the music they have created with it. 



' The 1959 Burst ' Trailer at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzRxNS4jdc4

Max Films LLC, 2007

 The 1959 Gibson Les Paul was and still is the instrument of choice of many legendary musicians such as Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Billy Gibbons and many, many others. This is the story of the ‘1959 Burst’ and the music it has inspired as told by the collectors and musicians who were actually involved in this phenomenon.

'The 1959 Burst' has already won two 'Best Documentary Film' awards



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 "In Search Of Ted Demme" is a unique tribute to the late director’s compelling life and highlights the profound effect he had on everyone around him.  After his death in early 2002, his ashes were placed in a special urn and passed along to all of his friends so they could each spend one last night with their devoted companion.


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